What We Provide

Injection moulding machine for plastic p


Water Pump/ Automotive/Power Components

  • Housing pressure switch

  • Pump head housings

  • Snap-in diaphragm, diaphragm assembly

  • Front/rear cap assembly

  • Perm pump middle housing

  • Flex motor mount

  • Power adaptor housing/ inserts 

Irrigation Components

  • Flow restrictor

  • Auto shutoff valves

  • Reservoir assembly           

  • Gauge face & cover

  • Water mount top/plug

  • Trolley wheel

Industrial control components

  • Super tough nylon plug    

  • L-Series pendant push-button housing

  • Conveyor connector

  • Fireplace vent connectors

  • Filter housing

  • Glass film rolling cores

  • Power adapters and receptacles


  • Custom tubing for medical bags

  • Pipe/Cores for film rolls

  • Dental trays

Traffic Components

  • Traffic lids for water barriers

  • Traffic bases and pins

injection molding machine ejects the fin


Injection Molding Services

  • 12 machines ranging from 30 tons to 300 tons

  • Parts produced range from 0.5 oz to 2lbs

  • Materials include: Nylon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Santoprene, Rubber and more

  • Available Additives Include: UV, Fire Retardant, Fiberglass, color matching and more

Extrusion Services

  • 4 machine lines

  • Pipe/Tube production ranging from 3” to 8” OD

  • Materials include ABS, HDPE, PVC and Polystyrene

  • Custom color matching and blending

Added Services

  • Product tooling design & development

  • ISO 9002 Compliant

  • On time delivery system

  • Production monitoring

  • Warehousing for high volume parts

  • Secondary operations

  • Oversees sourcing with logistics

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